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I have been honored to call Tim Page my friend for several years.  In today's lackadaisical society, to have a friend like Tim is a pleasure to find.   He is a person built of high moral and business standards.  I have relied on Tim's word on several decisions regarding outfitters and in the past and have never been let down.  The wealth of knowledge that he has in the outfitting and hunting world cannot be matched in my opinion by anyone.  I have been with him on several trips in the past and have relied on his guidance on many others.  At this point I am confident in recommending him to anyone that is interested in looking into their first travel hunting experience or any seasoned veteran looking to add to their continuing trips.  My time is limited, I cannot afford to leave anything to chance.  Having Tim handle all my details from choosing the right outfitters, booking flights to hunt dates makes my life a lot easier and my trips more enjoyable.  There aren't any definite's in life but not using Tim's service would be doing yourself a big injustice.

Life is too short to hunt by chance.  Booking on your own can be an experience.  Booking with Page Guide Service will secure lasting and enjoyable memories.

Tony Arpaia   New jersey




Growing up I always sought excitement with many activities, but hunting was never on the agenda.  Several friends had always hunted, however, I had zero interest.  No one in my family has ever hunted or even owned a gun.    


I was exposed to hunting by a good friend and employer, Tim Page.  I was Tim’s first employee in his construction business, and would always find myself on call as Tim would head to the Poconos, or somewhere else throughout the world on hunting trips.  One weekend I went to the Poconos with Tim to do some construction work at his cabin.  I planned to head home after completing the weekend project, but decided to spend the night after having a few adult beverages. Monday was opening day of buck season and Tim asked if I wanted to hunt. I thought he was joking, but he was serious.  I then found   myself preparing for my first hunt.


Most stories of this nature talk about the luck of walking into the woods and shooting a monster buck on opening day. This story does not end that way (trust me), and is geared towards an experience that exposed and introduced me to a new passion…..hunting! 


Over the years, beginning with my first hunt, Tim has provided me the hunting knowledge that I possess today.  Reflecting back I almost forgot that Tim was so excited that I wanted to learn more about hunting, he purchased my first rifle (30-30 Marlin). which of course, he deducted from my pay.  The gun purchase was followed by shooting lessons, selecting hunting gear, and lots of required reading and videos, which prepared me for the following buck season.  To say the least, I was very prepared thanks to Tim for sharing his hunting knowledge with a non-hunter.  Since this time, I have hunted with Tim almost every season over the last 20 plus years.  Yes, most of them were in the Poconos where I did finally shoot my first few bucks, bear, turkey, ducks, along with several various small game critters. 


Tim has been a great teacher, and I consider myself lucky to have learned from such an avid hunter whose passion has become contagious.  


I hope if you, too, decide to get in on the action, it may become a passion for you as well! 


Jim Lawless

Tim Page has been a trustworthy friend and business associate for over twenty-six years.  He is a man of integrity and good moral fiber. We have had a lot of fun together, hunting and fishing.  Most recently, I spent a couple of days at his Pocono house at his request to hunt Turkey with him. It was the second week of Spring gobbler. He had set up a blind for me to use on Saturday. We got up at 4:30 to find that it was raining. He had picked out a different spot for himself that had no overhead cover so we agreed to hunt together in my blind.  As the sun was rising, he gave a cluck on a slate call. Not more than five minutes later we hear a gobbler. We flipped a coin for first shot and Tim won. Soon we had nine hens and a massive gobbler strutting around in front of us. Tim let him strut for a good ten minutes before letting him have it. Wow, what a nice bird. It was 20 lbs with a 9 ½ “ beard.  So, by 6:30 a.m. I’m thinking my morning is shot. We got back in the blind and sat till 09:30 without hearing or seeing any more birds. I was hungry and suggested we leave to get some breakfast. No sooner were the words out of my mouth when Tim sees a big gobbler heading toward us from a ridge on our left. We looked at each other and almost started to laugh. Within five minutes or so he was about fifty feet away. Tim whispers for me to wait. When he got five feet closer I knew he was mine. Tim is still saying to wait but I pulled the trigger and dropped him. Tim and I looked at each other and started to laugh…what a day we had… two beautiful birds!  Mine was24 lbs with a 10 ½ “ beard.

I’ll never forget that day and I’m looking forward to our next hunt together.

 Rick Lerch

"Tim's 1st Self-Guided Hunt"
Tim and his Father

Tim’s love of nature and the outdoors began as a child in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.


Living among horse and dairy farms, we were fortunate to have an abundance of hunting areas.


Training bird dogs has been one of my passions and as early as I can recall, Tim was on my heels.


Once Tim was old enough to hunt on his own, he was gone.  He became obsessed with hunting and has never stopped.  His quests have traveled him all over the world.


In these past few years, I have noticed Tim change.  Instead of setting goals for himself, he seems to receive as much satisfaction assisting others.  He enjoys taking inexperienced hunters on a local duck hunt as much as a backpack sheep hunt.


Tim’s deep passion for wildlife and hunting has prompted him to support several conservation and hunting organizations; many countless hours were spent raising money to put into wildlife.  He has organized and conducted several successful youth programs.


I am proud of my son and encourage him to venture into the hunting industry.


Good Luck, Son

Bill Page



Written by, Vernon May Jr.




 In 1996 I was introduced to Mr. Tim Page by my friends who I have been hunting & fishing with for several years.  It was at a local farm where we would all get together and shoot skeet, “clay birds.”


From my first meeting with Tim, I did my best to get to know this man as much as possible.  At first glance I thought, “Who is this guy, Mr. Cabela?” it turns out we share a lot in common, from the best equipment to the best chance of harvesting game. I learned a lot from Tim with his knowledge and willingness to help others; he goes the extra mile we may all need at some time to help us in the outdoor experience.


  It is now fall of 2009, and I can honestly say that Tim helped me to become a more successful outdoorsman with his experience & instruction. From the float canoe trips for waterfowl, to the majestic whitetail, up to the bruins of Pennsylvania’s big hardwoods, and the sleek, always eluding black bear.


After several years of trying for bear with no success, Tim invited me to his Pocono, PA retreat.  With lots of scouting and a very good bumper crop of blueberries and acorns, Tim located several crossings of bear signs. He put me up in a comfortable spot, not easy for being a large person, in a stand and convinced me to stay there all day, which I rarely ever do. He explained to me that we know the bear are here, if you want to be successful you have to put your time in and be patient.  I am happy to say in the fall of 2000, I harvested my first Pennsylvania black bear, 22 years after my first license, thanks to Mr. Tim Page and his generosity!


 Vernon May Jr.



    "Vern is now a guide in Manitoba and this is a picture of his bride-to-be with a bear that he guided her on".