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"The 2012 Pennsylvania Hunting season dates have not yet been posted. 

When available, we will list the available openings for bear, deer, turkey & coyote. 

We are sorry to say that most youth & adult turkey hunts and bear hunts are booked from last year's clients."

"Coming Soon....List of Recommended Outfitters & Hunt Specials"

"The following are two hunts from last year" 

Noreen Shenk purchased a hunt for her son, Kyle at the Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation convention.
She was the high bidder of the auctioned hunt.

I had the greatest experience ever with this once in a life time event that I shared with Mr. Tim and my mom. I traveled all the way up to the Pocono’s from York to have the best hunting trip I have ever been on! This is the story of my turkey hunt.

To start off, I will share the trip up to the house. We drove for about one hour before we stopped to go into Bass Pro to get some hiking boots for me. But of course anywhere we go my mom has to get something. This time was very different. She got a brand new gun and some warm clothes for our hunt. I got hiking boots. We did manage to get lost so the trip was pretty long.

From the long drive there I finally got to stretch my legs. We went inside and got all our stuff in the room and then went in the golf cart to an open space where we set up a blind, like the one we were going to be in for the hunt, and we practiced with slow movements, getting the gun up, sliding the safety off and then we patterned my gun. Then we went for a ride in the golf cart to a lake and we saw ducks, geese and many other animals there.

When we got inside we looked at all the calls that were there and which one of them we would use. We decided to take 3 of them. And then we had dinner. There was steak, salad, and twice baked potatoes with cheese! It was so good! After dinner we watched some videos of all different kinds of hunts such as turkey hunts, deer hunts, and even boar hunts!

Then my mom and I went up to our room to sleep but I couldn’t sleep because of how excited I was. Eventually I did sleep but I woke up by myself right on time. I got dressed and went down stairs and got my gun and shooting stick.

Mr. Tim got a hen and a gobbler decoy and some snacks for the blind and the calls. Off we went to the blind to wait. We sat there for about fifteen minutes and some sprinkles of water came down and Mr. Tim said that there probably wasn’t going to much calling because of rain. Then about 6:00, we saw our first turkeys. There were about 3 hens that came in. Then the gobbler came in. Mr. Tim told me to put my gun up and he turned the safety off. Mr. Tim told me to shoot and I shot but I missed. I shot again at it, but missed although we weren’t sure that I missed so we walked around a bit to make sure, but the turkey was already gone. We got back in the blind and I was very disappointed. Mr. Tim came back with one of his guns and told me to shoot with that.

Hours went by and we saw a few hens. We all got a little restless so we all began to reach for the candy. Then a huge gobbler came from behind us; I put the gun on the shooting stick and as I put it on the ground it landed on a candy wrapper and made a crinkle sound. The turkey walked away.

At about 9:30 a gobbler came from behind us again and walked down about 40 yards away and I took my shot and the turkey fell to the ground quick. I got out of the blind as soon as I could and went over to it. It was such an exciting morning all happened before 10am.

It was a great 1st turkey my turkey had a 9 ˝ inch beard and it weighed about 20 lbs. It was the best hunt ever because of, Mr. Tim and my mom. Mr. Tim took me over to Happy’s Taxidermy and I picked out my wall mount for the beard. I now have it in my home office were I do my homework everyday.

"Kyle did a great job under pressure! We're proud of you, Kyle for hanging in there!"

2011 was a great hunting year for me!! I shot my first gobbler April 30th 2011. Halloween night, I shot a really nice 7 point buck with my crossbow and on the first day of regular gun season, I killed my first black bear. Not many hunters can say they accomplished this. Some of what I can say was luck but I owe a lot of my success to my friend, Tim Page. I had hunted a lot prior to meeting Tim but was not really a seasoned, pay attention to detail, type of guy that Tim Page has taught me to be. He taught me how to call a turkey in, how to set up and what to look for in a mature bird. If you have never hunted wild turkey and would like to give it a try, give Tim Page a call.

-Dave Brown Sr.
Aston, PA

"Dave Brown shot his triple crown in PA this year. He shot his gobbler and bear with us!"



Hunter's 1st Gobblers


Youth & Mentor Hunts

Luke Talley
1st Bird

Mario Scavicchio
1st Bird

Jamie Page
1st Bird


Adult Hunts

Rick Jones
1st Bird

Rick Lerch
2nd Bird with Page Guide Service

Bill Page

Jim Lawless
1st Bird

Tina Myers
1st Bird

Tim Page


As you view our website, you will notice highlighted outfitter's names in red; please feel free to click on them and visit their sites.


If you are looking for a hunting or fishing trip and don’t see it on the site, contact us and we’ll call you if a special comes up.


Last year, an outfitter called and was seeing a moose 70” plus at the end of the season and he had no hunters.  Understanding it was short notice, he was asking $2,500.00, a $5,000.00 discount.


A few times, we get deals if we purchase three hunts; we could have two sold, looking for the third.


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