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Booking Costs



No Cost; that’s right!


You Do Not have to pay anything for our services nor do we ask for any money or perks from the outfitter.


Most booking agents do not charge their clients, but get a kick-back from the outfitters.  This could range anywhere from 6% to 25% and it is totally understandable to receive some compensation.   After all, the booking agents have overhead costs that need to be paid – website, phone, travel, shows, exhibiting, etc.


For the next couple of years, we are concentrating on building a solid client and outfitter foundation.  We want to build a rapport with our clients; we want to be known as the go-to guy for top quality outfitters.  We want it to be a privilege in the outfitter world to be represented by Page Guide Service.


The other problem I have by being compensated by the outfitter is if a client comes to me for a deer hunt and I make $100.00 by selling Hunt “A” and $500.00 by selling Hunt “B”, well it is obvious that I would push Hunt “B” more.


We will not accept any money from an outfitter.  We will accept a discount or special that we can then offer to our clients.





 Tim Page