Hello and Welcome to PAGE Guide Service,

My name is Tim Page, your partner for a successful hunt!  I have created this partnership to assist others accomplish their hunting/fishing needs or goals.

The outdoors have always been one of my passions. 

I began hunting as a youth in my hometown of Pennsylvania.  As an adult, my passion has taken me to some magnificent scenery around the world such as Africa,Scotland,Alaska, & Canada. 

I have invested a great amount of time into giving back to Wildlife Conservations by participating with several organization (NWTF, SCI, FNAWS, RMEF, APHA, APOS).  I have gained a tremendous amount of education regarding the business end of hunting; networking and working closely with Outfitters around the world.  With this knowledge, I have been selected by many to advise in selection and planning of their next excursion.  The majority of the Outfitters I conduct business with are not salesmen.  They have a phenomenal operation, but lack the marketing component this is where I can help.

My credentials include:

         Licensed guide - "US & Canada"

         NRA Certified Firearms instructor

         Business owner for 20+ years

         CPR Certification

         Advanced Life Support Certification

         Lifeguard Certification

I am open to any challenge and whatever the needs of others are.  I have helped handicapped and seniors modify or build their tree stands to accommodate their needs.  

In closing, I plan to reside in Pennsylvania for the next four years, then move to my cabin located in beautiful Montana.

I feel blessed with a very good life and I can only hope to bring you the good times and memories that I retain.

I look forward in helping you and making your hunt a successful one!

Tim Page